Sunday, October 15, 2006

To Apply or To Not Apply - That is the Question

Ok...So you all know me and how I can't make a decision without giving it a lot of thought (and discussion). I have been pondering over a decision for a few days now and I am still no closer to making a decision..So I am leaving it up to you lot.

First the question -


Now the arguments for and against...


  • I feel I can honor the commitment
  • I know I love my work
  • I can help out with the site (hey I already do this)
  • there has to be more but right now my head isn't in that space


  • Is my work good enough?
  • Can I handle another thanks but no thanks letter?
  • Would it be disloyal to a certain new scrap shop owner that I am supporting?
  • Could I use the stuff that I got sent every month? What if it doesn't inspire me?

You are all probably sitting there laughing at me...but these are real thoughts running in my head...and I have had enough. You guys are going to be my decision makers. If you all agree that I should do it...reply to this post...and give me good reasons on why I should or shouldn't do it.

The choice is yours!


Natalie said...

Hey Babe
yes you can
yes you should its great
yes you already do heaps
and yes there are heaps more reasongs

Yes it is
Yes you can, you are a Mum! YOu can handle most things
Yes you can work with them as you are better then that
No it would not be disloyal, cause I know you will still support me
No it would not as we your friends would keep you grounded
LOL no it would not as you are a great scrapper
yes you could, I have seen you turn some amazing work from some uninspiring freebies so I know you can.

Haha...I hope that helps

Angel said...

Do it, woman. If you don't, then you'll have to live with the thought that you could have, and what would have happened if you had succeeded?

On the other hand, so what if they reject you? It's THEIR loss! So many of us know your wonderful talent and admire you for it.

Oh, and Crocket is right in what he said too, even tho he doesn't have to work with her. You're stronger than her, and you're SURE as hell more talented!! :)

Just Jini's said...

Totally agree with Angel and Nat, Susan.
I love your work and it will never ever look like that mass produced crappola. You have your own wonderful style. Just look at what you can do with packs, even when they are not exactly what you'd pick for yourself. Your guest dt spot just to remind you - was bloody brilliant.
You know I've been debating the same issues - well except the one about the dt working with issue - the other is sooo far away from me. I guess the answer is in your heart - a thanks but no thanks does hurt but in the long run it goes away and you know we all love your work - you love your work and so does your family that's what really matters.
Sooooo send it on in - nothing ventured nothing gained. When I don't get it this time I'm actually going to ask for feedback on why lol just cause. So Susan have you sent it yet?????????
Seriously though, do it or don't just don't feel your work isnt great, it soooo is. You are one of my inspirations, gosh look at what I used to do lol blush blush and then I really looked at what you could do and decided to be me not mass produced crap.
So thank you Susan for being you.