Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy Anniversary Crocket

Twelve years ago today I married my soul mate. We had a small wedding in a friends garden and about 50 friends and family helped us celebrate afterwards. I look at these pictures and I can't help thinking of all that we have been through in the years since they were taken.

I love these photos of us, there weren't posed...the photographer caught us in a quiet moment after the actual ceremony. I can't remember what was being said but I know how I felt. I still feel like that these day...I look at him and feel that familiar thrill, but it's different. This is the man that I wake up to each day, he is my comfort, my rock, my sanity in the storm I battle each day....and he also has the ability to drive me insane. Ahhh...true love.

Crocket isn't one for fancy words of love or for huge displays of affection...but I see the look he is giving me in these photos still and I know that I am loved.

Happy anniversary my gorgie boy!


Angel said...

Congratulations, you guys. You deserve all the love and happiness that I know you share each and every day. Here's to another twelve years, and THEN SOME! :)

Natalie said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!!