Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Little Scrappy Goodness


This is for my Mum....who worries that something is wrong if I'm not blogging. (Everyone say Hi Mum!)

I apologize for being such a slack blogger of late, it's not that I have been overly busy, just cold! I hate winter and this winter it has been cold here (I can hear you sniggering from here Rebecca) and when it's cold I find it hard to function. I tend to draw back into my little shell and just be!

Since I last blogged, my parents have been for a visit, I've scrapped heaps, taken hundreds of photos and worked. We have a busy few months a head of us here at the zoo. Lolly will turn 12, we are going to the exhibition, attending at Starlight Foundation dinner and are gearing up for a road trip with Aunty Kandle!

So lets get started...I won't bore you with lots of scrapping stuff, you can see some of my latest in the slideshow below.

My mum and dad came for the June / July school holidays. It was soooooo good to see them again. We spent a relaxing two weeks mainly bumming around the house. Usually we cram a lot into their visits but this time we decided that we were happiest just staying close to home.

One day we went into town and took a walk along the new River Link Gardens and then onto Queens Park and the Japanese Gardens. I got so many great photos not only of the girls, but also of my parents. I'll be scrapping these for a while yet. I think this would have to be one of my favorite photos....

I am always so sad to say goodbye to my parents, this time it was a little easier knowing that I will see them again in the September school break.

I've been busy at work with my boys. I spent a day recently at Autism Queensland attending a workshop of working with children with Aspergers and Autism, and I got a lot from it. My boys continue to be a source of amusement and frustrations for me....but I love it! I love the challenges that working with them brings, I love their different takes on the world around us, and I love that I make their days at school a little more comfortable for them.

I'd better get running, else I am going to be late for school! I will write more tomorrow....I promise!