Saturday, October 14, 2006


Hormones are running rampant in this house at the moment. Lolly is right on the edge of becoming a full blown teen, and we are getting a glimpse of what the teen years are going to bring. It's all sunny smiles and tomboyish behaviour one minute and the next it's girly stuff and tears, tantrums and trauma. It's going to be fun...yeah right. Expect full sympathy from Angel and Natalie...and am sending out a warning to Jini of what she has to look forward to.

Lolly has never shown much intrest in boys before, unless you count the creepy crushes she had on Tobey McGuire and Frankie Muniz a couple of years ago. And for the most part we didn't think she had taken much notice as she was to much of a tomboy, but man did we have our eyes opened the other night. We were watching this clip on the country music channel....

When a very glassy eyed Lolly says, "Damn....that song should be called No Shoes, No Shorts, Not A Problem". We all just cracked up! It seems her latest crush is Kenny Chesney. I must admit...she certainly has gotten better taste in the last few years.

I think some of the hormones have jumped ship and landed on Boo as well. The bratling has got a boyfriend. Shhhhhhh...don't say anything to her though, she is a little sensitive about it. It's all very sweet. Harley is all she talks about at the moment and according to Harley's mum he is full of chatter about Kate. They have been in a little trouble in class and have had to have their desks seperated due to the non stop talking and giggling, but to see them in action in the playground...well it's very cute.

Crocket and I are sooooo not looking forward to when the full on boy thing starts. I think he's a little more worried than I am, but for now I think we still have a few good years before it gets full on....I HOPE!


Just Jini's said...

Arrrrrrrghhhh I think I'll time freeze my two now lol. Emmi is already scarey ( yes yes she is you wait till her and Iz get together) LOL about Boo and her boy that's so sweet JimmyJams has had a girlfriend all last term she hugs him and says she loves him every afternoon at the end of school ( I'm not stressed though - they're only 5 lol).

Anonymous said...

I've told you many time but I'll say it again... YOU JUST WAIT! *evil grin*