Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lost Mojo!

reward for safe return of my
lost mojo

HELP!! I have lost my scrapping mojo! It up and left sometime over the weekend and still hasn’t returned. It’s left two unfinished layouts on my desk and a stack of project that need to be completed sometime soon. It also has scrapping commitments to uphold this weekend in the form of a cybercrop and a crop night.

If you find it could you please tell it that it’s owner has some new scrap goodies on the way to her house…and that she has some play money this week to spend at the crop night.

I am missing it badly and would like it returned soon.

I offer a reward to anyone that finds it and returns it to me in good condition.

Thank you for your help in this matter!


Just Jini's said...

Found one Mojo hiding under my lounge. Looks like yours Jibii, so have gave it a good talking too and set it via Mojo Express right back to you. Says it felt a little sad you doubted it so ran away to hide out with mine ( who was also sad I doubted it )
Make sure you give it a big hug when it returns, should give you a nice tingly feeling all down your back.
Hoping you have a wonderful mojo filled day.

bluemmbabe said...

I think I found your scrapping mojo! Apparently it's visiting ME! I got inspired last night and re-did one of the things I thought was done with and did another new layout. I also participated in my first digiscrap crop. I told your mojo to go back home to you because I NEED TO GET SOME SLEEP!!!! :-)