Friday, October 27, 2006


As you all know things are really tough in my life at the moment. A certain situation at work is causing me mega stress and anxiety and I am starting to feel the ill effects of this. I have this headache that won't quit, blurred vision in one eye, my stomach is either cramping or oily, I've peed more times in the past week than I have in the last 36 years, I'm not sleeping well (that's not good from someone who doesn't sleep alot), I'm experiencing panic attacks and my moods are swinging between extreme anger and deep sadness.

On advice from my mum and from one of the ladies I work with I went to the doctors. I spoke to him about it and he told me they are all the symptoms of anxiety! No shit! He said that it is a normal reaction and that apart from giving me sleeping pills to help me sleep there isn't much he can do. I don't want to take pills, I won't take them for my depression and I certainly won't take them to make me sleep.

The doctor advised me to find something that will help me relax and wind down a little. Good's just what? Yes I could scrapbook, but I don't usually during the week. I could read but I can't concentrate long enough to get into a story. I could drink myself into oblivion to forget but that's not only expensive it's also not an answer. So what do I do?

What do you guys do to help you relax? I am looking for some inspiration. Tell me!


Just Jini's said...

Oh Jibbi sorry its getting so bad or badder at work. Been there and the only thing that saved me were these things - boxing imagining the person's face on a punching bag and seriously going at it - and sounds strange after saying I like boxing but yoga/meditation. I found locking myself outside with my music and doing some basic stretches or even just sitting helped. Big hugs. Its not easy hey!

Natalie said...

big hug your way...if I was loaded me, jini, angel and bec would be flying your way for a girls day out! Lots of choc and dvd's. Remember don't let them beat ya and try to think of all the positive people who think you are just me!!