Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bestill My Spinning Head!

Well I had one hectic weekend..I got lots of scrapping done and managed to do quite a bit of chatting as well. I also receive a lovely surprise from Angel...but more on that later. Lets start with the scrapping.

Jini found my mojo and sent it home just in time for the EMM crop night (Blue I have no idea who's mojo you have but do send it back to its rightful owner before you kill it with over use.)

I didn't complete a single LO at the crop night...but I did get three to near completion. I find I get to the crop and my brain freezes, so I spend most my time chatting to other scrappers. I managed to get four LO's done over the weekend here they are for your viewing pleasure. This is my entry into the Chookscraps Survivor comptetion. The whole LO had to be monochromatic...ugh...what a struggle. I am happy with how it came out though. Oh...and if anyone it interested that big letter A is a Heidi Swapp chipboard alpha...and yes you can run them through a machine and stitch them. LOL

The next three LO's were all completed for the Chookscraps cybercrop challenges. This months cybercrop was Halloween inspired.

Challenge 1 - Make a layout with - *Only white, black and red. You may use metallic embellishments *Two items from the halloween list below: Heidi swapp item, Altered chipboard, Lettering, Lace, Old item purchased more than 12months ago, Wire, Eyelets, Embroidery, or a New item purchased less than two weeks ago. This was my LO....

Challenge 2 - For this challenge make a layout that *Has something to do with a trick or a treat or both. Now the trick or treat could be the subject but it doesn't have to be it may just be that you use the word trick or the word treat somewhere on the page. Think outside the square - as long as you can explain how you have incorporated the trick or treat. *Has one or more triangles on it (this is in honour of the Jack-O-Lantern with his triangle nose and eyes)

Challenge 3 - Was based on a very nice sketch and this is what I did with it....

I still need to tell you all about what Angel did for me this weekend...I was so excited...but it can wait till tomorrow!


Natalie said...

Gorgeous Work as always!!Love it

Just Jini's said...

Absolutely gorgeous as always. You do Mono really well - I hated that challenge icky icky ickkkkk lol. I never scrap much at crop days - I feel out of my messyness and find it hard to be my wacko little (not so little lol) self. So how's that application coming hmmmmmm!!!

jibiibear said...

I'm working on it...geez Jini you are pushy. LOL. You will all get a sneak preview before I send it off.