Friday, October 20, 2006

How I Spend My Evenings.....

I spent last night having lots of fun with these two items....

Every other Thursday the girls get $2 to spend at the lolly shop here in town. It is a real treat, they get the money and the choice is theirs to make. For Lolly it is usually the same thing each time, but oh how Boo loves the variety, she picks one of this and one of that, two pink pig lollies, one blue cloud, three Chico babies...on and on it goes until she has her $2 spent. The only stipulation I make is no gum! I have issues with kids and gum and my girls very rarely get it. I relented yesterday and let them get one of those tiny gum balls each. You know the ones...they are about the size of a small marble. I said yes and told them that if I saw the gum out of their mouths there would be punishment! I should have known better!

They came home...Lolly stashed half her lollies as she does. Boo scoffed the she does. She saved the gum ball till last (y0u all know where I am going with this now don't you). All afternoon she is chewing on a piece of gum that I swear is no bigger than your little finger nail. Chew, chew, was bugging me. All through the homework session, all through dinner preparations, all through reading her readers.

I went to serve dinner up and Boo comes to me in tears, the gum had accidentally fallen out of her mouth and onto the back of her head. I am still not sure how that happened and I am not to sure I want to know. She had managed to spread this tiny piece of gum in a fair sized patch of hair right at the nape of her neck. UGH..that child!
The only thing I could remember was that I had been told that peanut butter gets gum out of hair. So dinner gets put on hold and out comes the jar of peanut butter. I spread that stuff all over the gummed up hair and it worked. Most of the gum slid right on out...I made her sit through dinner with a peanutty head. After dinner I sat her down to work on the biggest matty bit of gummy hair...more peanut butter and the nit comb managed to get to last of it out.
I had to shampoo her hair three times to get the peanut butter out though.
I spent the remainder of the evening telling her she still smelled like peanut butter and that any mice in the house would be coming to feast on her head while she slept. (I never did tell her about the elephants Nat).
That girl is sent to try me I swear!


Natalie said...

God Jibii that is so damn funny!! I bet she won't be getting gum again till she is 18!! I hope you took photos!

Just Jini's said...

LOL poor little Lolly LOL LOL I remember Mum making me hold my head in the freezer ( I kid you not) so get gum my darling big brother had rubbed into my hair. LOL sorry but its soooo funny.