Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I love this time of year...I love the thought that Summer is on it's way. The days are getting longer and the nights warmer. I love sitting here in the early mornings listening to the sounds outside my window (and from inside our house). The sounds of cicadas, crickets, the geckos that have taken up residence in our kitchen, the kookaburras when the sun rises and the frogs croaking and chirping.

We aren't into flower gardens, we have a very natural bush garden with a lot of natives. We don't use chemicals of any sort and we rarely prune anything. In return we have a lot of wildlife in our yard. Blue tongue lizards, legless lizards, skinks, lorikeets, scaly breasted parrots, native doves, fairy wrens, and we won't talk about the snakes, but my favorites are the frogs.

We are very fortunate to have a large population of green frogs living in our garden (Sorry Nat), and at this time of the year they start coming inside to feast on the bugs that the lights drawn into our house. They love to sit on the window sill in our toilet, on the window sill in our kitchen, and on the side of the bathtub...I don't have a problem with them...unless the kitchen ones jump on you in the dark...and that is more the surprise element than anything else.

This scene always makes me smile......

There is just something so appealing about them...look that happy smile...the lovely shade of green he is...and those ever so sweet toes. No wonder they are my favorite animal.

A few years ago now my mum started buying me frog things...mugs, little figurines, and tiny unusable teapot (my other obsession), magnets, and a tshirt or two with frogs on them. Last year Kandle brought me this gorgeous green glass frog that now sits on the end of my scrapping desk. This morning though Angel sent me this link.... Look at them...oh how I wish I had the money and the space to store such gorgeous works of art! I have seen these in jewellery stores here...the frogs and the geckos...but I have never checked out the prices...until now. Man are they expensive! But still....oh so beautiful!

Maybe one day.......


Just Jini's said...

Wow those frogs are just so cool.

Natalie said...

hmmmmmm! Do you ever want me to visit!! Sorry my skin crawls even looking at the pic! You can have your frogs all to yourself!!!