Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stumbling Around the Net

Thanks to Ginger from The Small Moments I have a new addiction! Stumble Upon! You download this niffty little toolbar for free, you choose the topics you are interested in and start hitting the stumble button. It will find all sorts of neat sites for you.

I have found all sorts of interesting things...some very funny things....and some new sites that will come in handy for school.

I found this video this morning....
How cute is that?

And then there are things like this... Ant City and this... Rally Trophy, this Storms and this Fat Fingers.

Be warned though...this whole stumbling thing is totally addictive.


Ginger said...

Oh it is SOOOOO addicting! I love it and Stumble almost every day. In fact I just posted about it a few days ago. I got your Valentine on Monday. It is so AWESOME! You did an amazing job. I took pics and plan to post it when I have some free time this weekend. And it is so cool to get candy from somewhere else. I love the Cherry Ripe...cherry is my favorite!!! Thanks so much!