Wednesday, February 07, 2007


One of my new little guys at school has very poor fine motor skills, and I am after some ideas on very quick activities I can do with him. I've got playdough and threading, but this little fella isn't big on art or writing.

If anyone can help with some ideas please, please, please leave a comment for me.


Just Jini's said...

* dot-to dots
* magna doodle (the board you draw on and wipe clean)
*make a felt board and used felt shapes to make a picture
* use tangram pieces to make a picture
* jigsaw puzzles
* joined chopsticks ( you know chopsticks for dummies I bought James some) to pick up jelly beans or dried beans
* the bedbugs game - it uses giant tweezers to pick up the bugs - you could make one pretty easily.
* using screw drivers in those building kits to make cars etc
* finger play rhymes
that's off the top of my head will go looking for my file later hmm spot the special ed teacher lol.

Just Jini's said...

Oh forgot ice cube trays are great for sorting. I used yellow split peas, green split peas, kidney beans etc. The maths section probably has some sorting trays though that are bigger and more "exciting" materials to sort lol.

winding up a clock
block building like lego blocks

francineA said...

Hi Susan, i think Juni has covered a lot of what i do, here are a few more ..
Roll out play dough with a rolling pin
Screw nuts into matching bolts Wind up musical toys
Miniature animals and other tiny toys to help your child strengthen his/her pincer grasp
manipulating clothes pins.
cardboard shapes that you stitch wool can make just using a hole punch and a cut out cardboard animal, get themto colour then stitch edging..
hope these help..