Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bad Blogger...bad, bad blogger!

Oh I have been a bad blogger...lots of things have been happening around here and I've not made a single post in over a week. I've just been so BLAH this past week and I really have no reason to be. So let me give you an update and I promise I'll post later about the scrapping side of things.

The bank approved the refinancing of our house so we set out on the long and tedious task of looking for a car and haggling with used car salesmen. Man some of those guys are just plain rude! One of them gave us this huge sob story about how he really liked to sell cars at this time of month to clear the yard ready for the next one...but then he only wanted to give us what amounted to $500 for our old car (this was after on roads and stuff). Another when I called to enquire about a car included the F-word about 6 times in a five minute I'm no prude and I use this word myself...but there is a time and place...and when you are on the phone to a prospective client it is neither the time nor the place.

We finally found exactly what we were looking for at exactly the right price. So last Saturday we went over to Strathpine to check it turns out it had all the extras we'd talked about putting in the new car...and it was a real bargain. So we paid the cash, organized our insurance over the phone and drove home in this....

Tuesday saw the girls back at school...but yours truly managed to get another weeks holidays. I have a few hours this year, I'm back in the library for a few hours and I have my little buddy L again for 8 hours. I am waiting on some extra funding for another little guy who proved himself a real handful last year...hopefully that will come though sometime this week and I can start on the challenge of N. I love this one on one time with these kids, even the smallest progress is rewarding. I felt so special when I walked in with the girls on Tuesday and L came running up to me to drag me over to see his new baby brother...he seems to have grown a lot emotionally over the break.