Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Letter To Lolly

About a year ago I started scrapping pages for a special album for Lolly. This album is for when she is a few years older and going through the dreaded teen years. I am scrapping things I want her to remember...things she doesn't always want to listen to right now, with the hope that when she is feeling that the world is against here that she will see how much she is loved. After her accident last year I wrote what was to be the first of (I hope) many letters to Lolly...these I am including on my scrapping pages.

This weekend I scrapped another letter for Lolly. This one is about the things she has taught me over the years. Here is the LO:

This is the letter that makes up the journalling on the page:

Someday, when you are older, you may not remember the time we spent together before you went off to school. But still I want to help you remember how much that time meant to me.

You taught me how to be a kid again: I knew all of the children’s songs and I really liked singing your favorite, “Rock-A-Bye-Your-Bear”, with you. I learned to dance, and I became an expert at the “hokey-pokey” and the “little tea pot”. We learnt together how many Lego’s you can stack up before they come crashing down. We learnt that ever though play dough can smell so good, you still can’t eat it, and that crayons are only meant for paper not walls. We’ve learnt that it’s best not to giggle when playing hide and go seek. We became friends with The Wiggles, The Hooley Dooley, Thomas the Tank Engine and the entire cast of Play School. We knew all the names of the dogs and cats that Hairy McClairy from Donaldson’s Dairy was friends with. We learnt what bees eat for dinner, where the moon goes during the day, and that blowing bubbles is fun but bubble mix tastes disgusting. We’ve learnt that painting with fingers is so much more fun than using a brush and that laying on the trampoline snuggling is just as much fun as bouncing.

We learned how fun it is to sit quietly and cuddle and kiss on the lounge after waking from a nap. I’ve learned that kisses work way better than Band-Aids any day. I’ve also learned what it feels like to be loved like only a child can love, and I’ve learned that it’s one of the best feelings in the world. I’ve learned how fast you are growing and changing, just like that caterpillar we kept that time that quickly became a chrysalis and then, magically turned into a beautiful butterfly.

But most importantly, I’ve learned how wonderfully unique you are, and how special you are to me. As you now start your last year of primary school I want you to remember that although you may not always remember that time of your life, I will always remember it for you.


francineA said...

oh stop it girlie you making me cry...what a lovely way to express how you feel..oh and what wonderful memeories!!!