Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winding Down

Well that 7 weeks just flew starts back for me next Wednesday. I am off on a team building retreat on the coast later next week. Its a nice way to ease back on into the school year.

Barney (my brother) has left us for a few weeks...he's traveling north to visit with friends and explore a little more of the sunshine state. We are missing him at the moment. It's been so nice catching up with him and we are looking forward to him coming back.

Crockett has managed to pick up a 16 week contract with a branch of the ICC, hopefully it will turn into something....if not...well the agency he has been with have told him that they will take him back on any time.

Boo is set to start school again...she is so excited to be getting back into it. She'll be in year 6 this year (holy moley!) and in the senior stage of our little school. She is well and truly in the cruel grasp of her hormones at the moment...and her life is all sunny and happy one moment and tears and hurt feelings the next. UGh!

Lolly is all wrapped up in her own little world right now. She has a boyfriend! It's so sweet watching her navigate her way through this new stage of her life. She has some very firm ideas of what is and isn't proper go girl!

Well thats all for now, we are just floating along here at the zoo and hoping for the best.


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