Monday, January 01, 2007



Well here we are at the start of another year....2007! Man where do the years go? It's true isn't it...that the older you get the faster time goes.

I know I have been a bit of a slack blogger recently, so this could be a bit of a long post while I catch you up on whats been happening here at the zoo.

Lets start with Christmas day...Lolly woke extremely early (can anyone say 4am?) and was promptly sent back to bed for a while. She resurfaced an hour later and was quite content to sit and look at the presents while we waited for Boo to wake. Boo, who has a tendency to sleep in, woke at 5.30 and by 6.15 the presents had all been opened.

Santa was very happy with the girls this year and they got what they asked for and a little extra. Lolly nearly hyperventilated when she opened her mp3 player...and was worse when she found The Sunny Cowgirls CD in her stocking. Boo who is very easily pleased was over the moon with all the art stuff that Santa left for her. The present that she was most excited over was a little mini Roboreptile! This kid rarely asks for anything, but for the past few months she has gone on and on about how she wants a Roboraptor for her eighth birthday...a green Roboraptor! I found the baby Roboreptile on special at Dick Smiths just before Christmas and figured it would be a good test to see if she really liked it before we went and spent an obscene amount of dollars on the real thing. She adores's really sweet actually...he as joined Baxter and Bunny in the must haves in the bed for sleeping. We went last week and put a green Roboraptor on lay by for her birthday. LOL!

Good friends of ours invited us for Christmas lunch. We had a lovely relaxing afternoon eating way to much, having a few drinks and bobbing around the pool. We didn't get home till late and I still had to pack the girls bags for their trip to Melbourne! Needless to say it was a laaaaaaaaaaate night for me.

We woke early on Boxing Day as we had to be at the airport at 6am!! The girls were so excited and more than a little nervous about this trip. They so miss my parents, but they have never travelled alone like this. Lolly could barely remember the flights she took when she was a toddler (not good experiences) and Boo had never flown before. They handled it well though, and to see them arriving at the airport you would have thought they were seasoned travellers.

It wasn't till we were up on the flight deck that they started to look a little unsure....

<- Lolly showing a nervous smile.

Boo looking very apprehensive ->

They boarded the plane with no tears from either of them. We stayed and watched the plane take off....and I bawled like a big baby. I knew that they would have a blast with my parents and that they would be well taken care of by the hosties...but it was the thought that they were inaccessable for two hours. What if they needed me...what if they were scared...what if...what if...what a nutter.

They got their in one piece and spent the next four days being totally spoiled. We went and collected them yesterday and I swear they have grown in the time they have been away. Lolly dubbed herself AP (attitude princess) just before Christmas, but I have been calling her a "Paris Hilton Wannabe" since she got back. The pre-teen years are coming to a close and we are starting to get a real insight as to what the next few years are going to bring. Gone is our little tomboy and emerging is a beautiful young lady who has a real passion for hair, shoes and handbags (god knows where that comes from!).

Well you saw the girls I sent off to Melbourne...these are the girls I got back...

As part of their Christmas gift from my parents both girls got a mini makeover, including new haircuts (and in Lollys case a color and foils) and new clothes. Mini divas!!

Crocket is back at work tomorrow...and the girls and I still have another month of holidays. We aren't planning much. I am in need of this down time...the last twelve months saw me better deal with my depression. I like to use the school holidays as a time to recharge my batteries so I can cope with the times when things start to get me down.

Today is the official start of my time as a Chookscraps desing team member!! See my little blinkie over there ----> in the sidebar? I have some huge shoes to fill and I hope that I am up to the task. My scrapping mojo has taken a little break...maybe the impromptu New Years crop at Chookscraps will get my creative juices flowing again! I was on the ball this month and I've posted the January challenges already....why not head on over and check them out!


Natalie said...

So exciting starting your DT position. I know you will do a fab job. Love the girls new haircuts/styles. Happy New Year!!