Friday, January 19, 2007

Death and Stuff

I apologize in advance if this post depresses anyone. On Monday a freind lost his battle with brain cancer. This was his second battle with the big C...after fighting and winning a round about five years ago...he was diagnosed with the brain cancer last August. Doctors gave him a six to twevle months timeframe. He was hospitalized on Christmas morning and sadly he didn't get to come home. May you rest in peace K.

Yesterday the girls and I went to the funeral...K's wife and his now grown children had organized a lovely service. I looked at these four young adults just starting to make their ways in the world and thought how sad that they have lost not only a dad but a good mate to them all. I thought of his future grandchildren growing up not having ever known their grandad...not hearing his stories...not having that part of their past their for them.

It got me to wondering...isn't this what scrapbooking is all about. Passing on our stories for not only our children, but their children and the children of their children. I came to realise though that although I scrapbook a lot of Boo and Lolly's lives very little is scrapbooked of mine and Crockets. I think it's about time I rectified this. I think it's about time I start scrapping details of our childhoods...details of our lives right at this point in time...the stories of our lives.

I also thought about what I would like when my turn to say goodbye to this world comes around...and I swear I wasn't joking the other week when I said if they buried me wearing a bra I'd come back and haunt them. So yesterday I planned what would be my ideal burial outfit...I WANNA BE BURIED IN MY PJ'S!! Nice soft flannies in some outrageous color/pattern...say pink froggie pj's! And defintely no shoes!

As I said...I apologize if this post has depressed you.


kandle said...

Doesn't depress me. I spent the majority of my childhood planning my mother's funeral. Once upon a time, I had grand plans. I was going to dress her in her nurse's uniform. Then she found two dresses that she loved. She used to tell us she was going to wear one, and have the other folded up at her feet. It was to be her change of clothes.

kandle said...
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Chookie said...

Not depressing in the slightest Susan. Not that I really knew her well but my GS's other grandmother passed away on Monday also from the same thing. It just brings home to you how fragile life really is and how like you said creating a scrapbook about ourselves is a way to leave a legacy for our children. It also makes me realise how lucky I am to still be here to create the scrapbook.

Just Jini's said...

I agree not depressing at all. Sorry for your loss Susan. And thank you for sharing the story it has made me realise I have done very few lo's about david and I - lots for the kids with memories. I need to do those about when we were kids and teens, plus I need to do some about their grandparents.
I lost my Dad as you know to a brain tumour and nearly lost David 3 years ago, times like these make you look at your priorities I guess. Sending you a big cyber hug.