Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Feeling Extremely Anxious!

About two years ago when my depression hit rock bottom I started having what could be best described as "panic attacks". Mostly I'd wake from sleep with this unexplainable feeling of something either being wrong or that something bad was going to happen. These attacks still come and usually when I have a lot on my mind or I do have some outside stressors. All this week I have woken with these attacks!

At least this time I know what is causing them.....Crocket and I had an appointment with our bank manager yesterday. We are looking at refinancing our house to get some much needed work done to our bathroom. The manager doesn't think we will have any problems with the amount we are refinancing for but I am still stressing about it. Stressing that we will be refused and worrying about what direction we should take then.

Why can't I just be "normal"....why do I need to do this....go through all this stress? I hate it!! I hate not having any control over these feelings of doom!

Oh well....I'd best keep spring cleaning for when they come to do a valuation....this is the perfect excuse for washing walls and tossing the accumulated crap thats in our house!


kandle said...

whoa, whoa, whoa.
who said it's NOT normal to stress over things?
Sounds extremely normal to me.
Time to quit kicking yourself and accept the fact that, sadly, you're normal.

kandle said...

"this is the perfect excuse for washing walls and tossing the accumulated crap thats in our house!"
Does that mean I'm not getting all the "accumulated crap"?

Natalie said...

When I feel what you are feeling I try to reason with think things like ok worse case does not go through...I cannot change it by stressing. and if not we will just approach a mortgage broker who will find a lender. or live with it how it is. I know it is hard to talk yourself around but try and remember no amount of stressing changes the outcome of the decision but it is bad for your health. I am sure you will be fine though