Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Letter To Lolly at 13


You and I have been through so much. There was a time when we were first making our way in this world as mother and daughter that the days were tough but I look back on them with pride. You taught me about a real no strings, no boundaries kind of love. You have been special since the moment I found out you existed, and the journey we have taken so far has been the best journey I have ever travelled.

There is only you and your sister and you are both very different people. You are each special and incredible. I know that being the oldest is not always easy. I know that I have made learning mistakes with you, and that does not seem fair. Your dad and I have always done everything in our power to make the right choices for you and for our family. Sometimes I am sure that it seems that Kate gets a lot of extra time and attention, but that in no way means she is more important than you or that we love her more in any way.

You have just turned 13! We are starting to have some ups and downs as you are well into you begin the process of breaking free. There are bound to be times that we will disagree, moments when we will feel that you are so wrapped up in your own life that we no longer matter, moments when we will be sure that you feel we have no clue about your feelings, and still a bit of fear of your growing up from both your side and ours. There will also those awesome moments when we will see you as the adult you are turning into.

This is a milestone birthday. Many new freedoms and responsibilities come with this age. Before you embark into new adventures, there are a few things I want you to remember and hold in your heart. We love and believe in you more than you know. We do remember how it feels to be your age. You are going to discover that you still need our advice, and that does not mean you are weak. You have a few year to go before you graduate high school. You have many dreams and goals for the future. While you are still in our home you have a built in safety net, use it. Learn as much as you can from us now so you will be prepared when that day comes that you leave the nest and fly. I know some days it might feel like we are against you but believe me our intentions are only to give you every possible opportunity to be the strong, independent, smart, beautiful woman that you are becoming.

We love you, we am very proud of you and we do accept that you are growing up. Just know that you will always be our baby and that it is a good thing. We apologize for our part for any disagreements we may have in the future. Please just remember who you are and where you come from. Remember that we love you and that no matter what happens in life, your family is always here. Like it or not. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl