Monday, September 29, 2008

Is it Scrapbooking or Art?

This is an interesting question and one I was discussing with a friend a while ago. She is a CM all the way type scrapper and she had the hide to say that my work is not really scrapbooking its art with a photo attached. I don't say much when she gets on this stand...but it got me to thinking.

Yes it is art...LIFE ART! I am taking pieces of our lives (the photos) and turning them into works of art for my children and my future generations. A love of love and emotion goes into that art...a lot of time...a lot of me...and sometimes a little bit of DNA (I always seem to stab myself and bleed on a LO when stitching LOL). I am a big believer in telling my/our story...and while that is not for everyone it's part of who I am and why I scrap.

I am not about telling the general we went here on this date and blah..blah..blah. But more about all the little things I want the girls to remember about themselves and about our lives together. DH was raised by his grandparents...both of whom have now passed on...his mother has passed and his father is only now starting to be a part of our lives. My grandparents have all passed and sadly we have very little of their stories to tell....but I am determined that my children won't have that problem.

So I think it's a bit of is art...but art is what you make it. Art is a piece of you....and is it so wrong to take that and put it to something that you want to remember?


anna said...

you know, i think i'd be incredibly flattered if someone said what i create is art. it's probably the closest i'll ever get to making traditional "art". i love that it's art with a face and meaning attached, not just a photo.

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Sheena said...

I agree with Anna, and you friend, what you do is Art. Beautiful art. You are an artist and the photos are the subject. Keep up the gorgeous work Jibi.

:-) Sheena

Karen said...

It is life art - but the principal is the same (although I could never get through to my CM diehard friends) It is about preserving a memory - the story you tell is what is important. Your work is beautiful Jibi

Karen :)