Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Some People Are Low Lifes!

My friend Rach is a single mum to two gorgeous boys. Her eldest son Josh was born with multiple problems such as heart troubles, respiratory issues and sever club feet (just to name a few). Both Rach and Josh's lives revolve around doctors visits, hospital stays and operations. Through all this Rach remains positive and always has a smile and a cheery outlook on life.

A few years ago Josh was granted a wish by the Starlight Foundation. Most of you would know that this foundation grants wishes to sick children....they also volunteer huge amounts of time in the hospitals around Australia cheering up the kids that are stuck in there. Whether it is clowing around, playing games, face painting or just holding an upset toddler while mum and dad grab some much needed time to themselves. Each year more than 600,000 Austrailian children will spend some time in a hospital...the Starlight Foundation relies on the support of it's volunteers and fundraising to be able to bring their services to our children.

Rach has been organising a fundraising dinner as a chance to give back to this wonderful foundation that has been a huge support to her over the past 11 years. This is typical of her...she can bring me to tears with her generosity (and the stories of the children that she believes need it more than Josh). And as some of you may know I have been helping her with this. The dinner is due to be held on Saturday August 18th...we have had a great deal of support given to us by various members of the community, the sporting community and also some wonderful members of the Australian country music community.

Through all this Rach has been nursing her brother through bowel cancer. Sadly her brother passed away on Friday evening. So as well as organising the final details of the dinner, Rach is organising a funeral.

On Monday, in between funeral aragements and running Josh to the hospital for yet another cardiologist appointment....some low lifes broke into her house and ransacked it. These b****s have taken both the boys game boys and games, their playstaion and games, all their dvds, all Rach's jewellery, her youngest sons money tin, and various other items.

This has just made my blood boil!!! If I could get my hands on these people (this is too good a term for them) I would gladly smack them upside the head. *Sorry for the length of this post...but I am angry!