Friday, August 03, 2007

Random Happiness

Over at Chookscraps we are organizing a random act of kindness list or RAK, and it got me to thinking.

A RAK doesn't always have to be a gift or something tangible...some of the best RAK's are the ones that leave a lasting impression...a smile or a kind word, words of praise when least expected, hugs for no reason...that sort of thing. Words can also cause Random Happiness...words have the power to heal..the power to move...we as a scrapper I know this well.

I was chatting with my mum on the phone the other night, when out of the blue she said to me, "Sue...I just wanted to tell you how proud your dad and I are of you and David. You are wonderful parents and the girls are a real credit to you both." This just blew me away.

One of my major depression issues is my abilitly as a parent. I am constantly questioning wether I am doing the right thing or not and I feel an incredible amount of guilt over some parenting issues from when Lolly was a baby. These few words from my mum...thirty two words...that came out of now where...have left me feeling better about myself as a parent than I have every felt before.

I would like to hear some of your stories. Your moments when someone said or did something that might not have meant a great deal to them at the time but it meant the world to you.

So all of you...DE-LURK and post in my comments.