Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Walking In a Ginger Wonderland

All this term on Fridays the middle session at school have been devoted to cooking. We have made sandwiches, pizzas, cookies and trifle, but on Friday we made something amazing! We made "faux" gingerbread houses!
Instead of traditional gingerbread the kids used Cruskit biscuts, which we iced to milk cartons for extra stability. We used a lot of royal icing as "cement" and mountains of lollies and cereal as building materials.
Before we started building we talked about houses and how to build them, we talked about what can make a house fall down (earthquakes, cyclones, UFO's crashing into it, etc.) and we talked about the importance of not eating your building materials. The kids came up with this list of rules for building gingerbread houses.....
1. No trading!
2. No eating building materials
3. No licking fingers
5. No touching or put downs of other houses!
6. Don't put too much on the roof
7. Save the "grass" till last
8. No mess on the carpet
9. Don't squeeze out to much icing.
10. No whinging! No getting upset if a collapse happens.
11. Have fun and be creative!
After discussing all these things, we split up into four groups with each group having a parent / teacher helper. This is the result of two hours of intense builing and a whole lot of fun....

These kids never fail to amaze me...they are sweeter than the sweetest lollies on their houses, and so creative it blows me away. We had not one upset, even the rattiest kids in the class were so into this activity. I was so proud of all of them I nearly cried.
It is lessons like this that make me contemplate going to university and getting my teaching degree!


kandle said...

They look gorgeous! and I love how you ozzified them, giving them green grass etc.
Great job all around. And no upsets? even better.