Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Go Kart Blast!

Part of my work day is spent with a little boy that has Aspergers' (a high functioning form of Autism)...I love the time I get to spend with my little buddy, and over the past two years we have formed a very good relationship. I have a lot of time for him and I find him very rewarding (and a little frustrating at times!).

I am lucky in the fact that I have known this little guy for a lot longer than I have been working with him, as he used to go to family day care with Boo. He is such a special part of my workload and I look forward to spending time and chatting with him each day.

All this past term he has chattered on and on about his go karts. He is extremely fixated on them and he can tell you all sorts of things about how they work and don't work.

Early in the term he asked C and I to come up and watch him ride his go karts.....and later he asked us to ride them. It was the perfect "bribe" to keep him focused over these past eight weeks!

He would start to act out or become distracted and it was a simple matter of saying..."Hey buddy, we need to get through this work before we can come ride your go karts." And he would for the most part get right back on track.
Well that day rolled around soon enough....last Thursday afternoon C and I went to spend the afternoon with my little buddy!
Now at school my little buddy is very quiet and tends to be a little withdrawn and he can lack self confidence, but WOW!! The little boy we got to see in action on his go kart was an entirely different boy!

He was so self assured...he talked to us about the go karts...about how they worked, how to steer, how to accelerate and brake, where not to touch and where we were allowed to ride them.

Once he got on and started riding...all the inner tension in him just melted. He was relaxed and totally in his element. I melted just a little at seeing this usually hidden part of him.
So after he had shown off a little it was C's and my turn for a blast....and what a blast it was!! These things are seriously fun! We spent about 40 minutes zooming around a figure of eight track, laughing like loons and trying not to lose control of the karts and driving off the side of the hill they live on.
They aren't easy to drive and if you are looking for an all over workout this is a fun way to do it. Both C and I were feeling the effects of this the next day.
Now I wonder if I asked Santa nicely would he bring me a go kart for Christmas?


Chookie said...

Wow Susan - this does look like serious fun! Great story thanks for sharing.