Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feeling Like S**T!

Yesterday Lollys class (Senior O) had a folio / open morning for the parents to come in and take a look at what they are up to in the classroom. Mondays are busy, busy days at work for me...and even though I work at the school the girls attend there was no way possible that I could get the morning off to attend. I had already spoken to her teachers about coming in sometime this week and looking at her folio...but yesterday....this girl....this gorgeous, loving girl pulled some major attitude and made me feel like the worst mother in the world.
She saw me running messages while her class was sharing morning tea with the parents that did attend...she came up with tears in her eyes and asked why I didn't come up to her classroom. When I tried explaining to her that I had to work and I couldn't get away....she hit me with "You could have made an effort!" right before turning on her heel and flouncing off!
I stood there with my jaw hanging and feeling like I could just burst into tears. This is the third year I have worked at their school...and until now both of them were ok with me not being able to attend when I had to work. I felt terrible...I still feel terrible.


Lesley said...

Hugs! You aren't bad mom! Sounds like the preteen years are setting in.

francineA said...

Oh Susan . kids can be so darn mean sometimes...Dont worry, your being a great mum by working so they have a better life. There will be other events, and guess what, yes it sounds like those glorious teenage hormonal, screaming, laughing, yelling, smiling, bitchy, wonderful, years have started..good luck, and chin up...