Thursday, June 15, 2006


A few years ago I broke a tooth way back in the back of my mouth while eating a sandwich. All I wanted was for the dentist at the dental hospital to rip it out, but no...they had to repair it. This was a major ordeal for me, I am TERRIFFIED of dentists. They told me that it wasn't that big a procedure and that they could do a temporary fix for now and a permanent fix in a few months time. So I let them do it and cried the whole time.

The temporary fix didn't last. Two weeks later it fell out. I went back to the dental hospital and begged them to remove the tooth. They wouldn't! They decided to do the permanent fix then and there. The dentist fixed it by bridging the repairs to the molar next to the broken one. This took an hour or so, a panic attack and a whole bunch of tears, but it was done.

Now fast forward to October last year. Once again I was eating a sandwich when I felt a crunch that you don't normally feel in a vegemite sandwich, you got it part of the repair work broke off! The tooth didn't ache, but the part of the tooth where it fell from was sharp and it rubbed on my tongue causing an ulcer. It cleared after a few days and the tooth lost all it's sharpness.

I haven't bothered going back to the dentist as we are no longer entitled to free dental and I really can't afford a dentist visit.

Then yesterday, while I was working with Chris she offered me a Mentos. I took it and was savoring the taste when all of a sudden the Mentos got a little crunchy...then a lot crunchy. You guessed it...ALL THE REPAIR WORK CAME AWAY FROM BOTH TEETH!!

So once again my tongue is being rubbed raw. It hurts to eat, it hurts to swallow and I am talking with a lisp...and I still can't afford a dental visit. Hopefully this tooth will smooth out and not ache and I will be able to live with it. Until then I guess it is good for my dieting efforts.

I cheated and hopped on the scales yesterday morning and it was positive...I've lost another .5kg, weigh in is on Sunday morning so hopefully I can loose a little more before then. I've tried to be good this week and we walked to shool yesterday, we are getting better at it, it only takes us about 15 minutes to walk down there...walking home is a different matter though. LOL.


Just Jini's said...

OUchhhhh Jibii. I have one on each side that sound just the same and I am soooooo scared of the dentist and that I can't afford to go.
Hoping the tooth is ok now.